Shandong will eliminate 18 tire companies

Release time: 2021/6/23

  Recently, Shandong Province issued the notice of the Province's implementation of the "Three Resolute" action Plan (2021-2022), which involves the withdrawal of backward production capacity in the tire industry。By 2022, all steel radial tires with an annual output of less than 1.2 million and semi-steel radial tires with an annual output of less than 5 million will be integrated and withdrawn。

    According to the documents, there are a total of 18 enterprises involved in the tire industry in Shandong Province this round, including 8 all-steel tire enterprises with a total capacity of 5.56 million;There are 10 semi-steel tire enterprises with a total production capacity of 25.61 million。It is understood that the country's existing all-steel tire production capacity 1.8.3 billion;Half steel tire capacity 6.47亿条。The current round of clearance and return capacity respectively accounted for the country's existing semi-steel tire production capacity 3.96%/ all steel tire capacity 3.03%, the current round of liquidation will be completed in 2022。

Reprinted from: China Chemical Industry Network

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